THE ROADMAP TO EFFECTIVE SALES CONVERSATION crash course is a 100% video-based digital program. It is a comprehensive sales communication system, specifically designed for owners and sales teams in coaching, consultancy and service-based companies. The intention of the course is to help you build self-confidence in your sales skills, truly enjoy and master meaningful sales conversations with your prospects, without feeling overwhelmed, scared, salesy, pushy or inauthentic at any stage of the whole process. As a result of effective trustworthy human sales interactions, closing deals will become natural, effortless and easy.

It is an inbound training that teaches you, step-by-step, everything you need to know from the moment you meet your prospect until the moment they say yes ! The program covers all components of an effective sales conversation from the structure, content and flow of sales interactions to body language, emotional states, breathing and energy grounding. You will experience a unique holistic training approach...

The program has 7 key parts described in our modules below. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a highly successful sales conversation... A "sales coaching" conversation that has the power to transform you, your teams, your business and most importantly, your clients' lives.


This training is designed for owners and sales teams of small and mid-sized service-based businesses, mainly in the coaching or consultancy fields, who arrange, at some stage of their sales process (virtual online or offline) discovery calls, sales calls and/or sales meetings with their prospects to introduce their services and enroll more clients.

If you are a coach, consultant or a sales team member in a service-based business agency , and just starting out in sales, or if you are in a senior sales management position or owner of a service-based business and looking to refresh your sales knowledge & master a sales coaching inbound methodology, THE ROADMAP TO EFFECTIVE SALES CONVERSATION will give you everything you need to exponentially increase your sales skills, master prospects' conversations, grow your confidence in sales and start closing deals easier and faster.



I believe sales can be a very admirable thing to do when you have the humility to serve genuinely your clients, help improve their company or their life and care enough to create value for them. THE SALES TALK TRAINING GROUP trains on how to shift the sales mindset to a mentality of service.

My passion is focused on teaching you how to create trust and human connection by approaching each prospect with the idea of helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service. That is what THE SALES TALK brand is about at its core. And this is what I am committed to teach you.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Hasnaa Bourouis

Certified Body & Mind Sales Coach - Founder @The Sales Talk


"The Roadmap to Effective Sales Conversation" Training has 7 Key Module Parts: Prepare, Connect, Set intention, Ask, Present, Address, Close. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a highly successful sales conversation...
In "The Roadmap to Effective Sales Conversation", I' ll be helping you learn and install the 7 Key Parts of the sales conversation process (Prepare, Connect, Set intention, Ask, Present, Address, Close).

All of the classes are delivered online. You can take them anytime day or night, when it’s most convenient for you.


How to prepare and plan strategically before your meeting

Intellectual Preparation

You'll discover main intellectual key components to prepare before a sales meeting so that you can show up confident and empowered in front of your prospects.

Material Preparation

How to organise and prepare properly your material resources so that you can feel at ease and focused before your meeting starts.

Emotional Preparation

Emotional preparation is crucial for the success of your sales meeting. Learn how to deal with stress, emotional triggers, resistance and fears when they arise before a meeting. Discover how to prepare yourself to be in a great balanced emotional state!

Physical Preparation

Being physically grounded will calm your body, mind and will definitely increase your clarity and confidence states! You'll learn several simple techniques you can use to shift your body language state and get grounded before your meeting.

Spiritual Preparation

Become self-aware and centered before your meetings by getting simple coaching tools on how to strengthen the connection to yourself and use success goal visualisation.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to prepare and plan strategically your sales enrollment meetings. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will improve the quality of your preparation and dramatically boost your confidence!


How to establish first contact with your client and start building rapport

Body Language

Either you conduct virtual online sales calls or physical sales meetings, understanding body language will change your ability to understand your clients and go deeper in your conversations with them. You'll discover how to start bringing awareness to your body language as well as to your client's body signals. Conscious face expressions, eye contact, gestures, posture, energy flow are all crucial elements you will practice in this section.

Voice Tonality

Your voice tonality affects dramatically the way your prospect will perceive your message. You will discover how to become aware of your volume, rhythm, tempo, tone and accent as much as how to recognise and match these core components during your clients interactions.

The First Impression

We never have a chance to make a second good impression... You will learn main components that are important during your first contact with your client and how to master them to make a great first impression on your prospects!


Matching and Mirroring is a sales technique that helps build trust and establishes deeper rapport between you and your prospect. You'll discover the fundamentals of this technique and how you can apply them to connect deeper with your clients.

Opening the Conversation

You'll learn the important skill of opening efficiently the conversation with your prospects. Mastering your greeting, sparking engagement and starting a natural curious small talk are few elements discussed in this section.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to create trust and connect at a deeper level with your prospects. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will raise your clients' level of certainty and trust towards you.


How to set the container for your meeting

Set the Stage

You'll learn how to set the stage/scene at the beginning of your sales meeting as it is a determining factor in building safety and trust with your client.

Set the Intention

You'll discover how to set the intention for your sales meeting and how to express it clearly and concisely to your prospect. Sparking curiosity with a great purposeful introduction will make your client feel safe and open to listen to you from the beginning of the meeting.

Set the Agenda

You'll learn how to establish a clear and compelling step-by-step agenda framework so that your client feels inspired and enthusiastic to start the conversation with you.

Set the Tone

How to recognise successfully what ideal tone to adopt for your sales meeting according to your buyer's profile, so they can feel connected to you. You will learn how to develop flexibility when it comes to your signature style (formal, semi-formal, casual, neutral etc).

Clarify Expectations

Clarifying mutual expectations between your prospect and you is crucial to establish a successful foundation for your meeting. You will get simple coaching techniques on how to communicate, reflect and make sure both your prospect and you are aligned on your meeting's expectations.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to define, set and express clear intention for your sales enrollment meetings. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will improve the impact you will create right from the start of every client interaction.


How to diagnose the sale, gather intelligence and discover client's needs

Understand Buyer's
Personality Type

You'll get proven templates on how to recognise four main buyer's personality types and learn how to personalise accordingly your communication to your client's profile.

Understand Client's Needs

You'll discover how to ask meaningful questions, dig deeper, listen and reflect so that you can uncover efficiently client's needs. A powerful listening and questioning process that will undoubtedly make your client feel heard, understood and cared about.

Recognise Qualified Buyers

You'll get simple strategies on how to gather information around your prospects. You'll develop the important skill of how to recognise and focus your energy on qualified buyers, while disqualifying prospects that do not meet brand criteria.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to gather relevant information about your prospect and diagnose the sale. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will improve the quality of your listening and questioning process so that you can discover at deeper levels your clients' needs and close effortlessly your deals.


How to introduce your offer's features and benefits based upon your client's needs

Features & Benefits

You'll get crystal clear on the difference between features and benefits and learn how to use both during your sales pitch presentation in a way that is compelling and impactful for your client.

4 Steps to Present & Convince

You'll learn the 4 main steps to introduce powerfully your offer to your prospect so that you can influence positively their decision to buy from you.

Evidence & Social Proof

You'll discover the importance of using evidence and social proof during your sales pitch in order to convince your buyer. You'll learn how and when to introduce examples, testimonials, data, measurements etc to create trust and spark curiosity around your offer.

The Power of Story-Telling

You'll learn the concept of Story-Selling and how to share compelling stories that "move" your client during your pitch presentation process. Discover how to develop the art of story-telling to attract your audience and make them easily perceive the benefits of purchasing your offer.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to refine your sales pitch and make your offer presentation attractive. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will change dramatically the impact your presentation will have on your clients!


How to address client's objections and move closer to the sale

5 Common Types
of Objections

You'll discover the 5 main common types of objections: money, trust, need, time, authority. You'll learn how to identify these objections during your client's interactions so that you can be prepared to address them accordingly.

Objection Handling
& Emotional Triggers

Objections may trigger, create fears, stress and discomfort. You'll learn simple coaching tools on how to handle uncomfortable feelings, thoughts or sensations when they arise during an objection.

4 Main Steps to Handle an Objection

You'll learn how to transform an objection into an opportunity of a sale by using a proven 4 steps system. Handling objections becomes easy and a natural step towards closing your deal.

Objection Handling Tips

You'll get specific tips on how to handle every type of main objections: money, trust, need, time, authority. You'll become self-confident on how to handle objections during your sales conversations and move closer to the sale.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to address objections during your interactions with your prospects. I'll give you powerful creative techniques to deal with the discomfort of objections so that your clients' levels of certainty and trust increase exponentially.


How to effectively close the sale

The Principles of Effective Closing

You'll learn key principles to apply to make the close as the natural and logical end result of an effective sales presentation.

Main Steps to
Effective Closing

You'll discover how to effectively recognise buying signals, sense appropriate closing moments, summarise buyers motives and ask for the sale. You'll learn to handle the closing part of your sales process with confidence and style.

Customer Retention & Long-Term Relationship Building

You'll get the important skill of understanding the value of building meaningful relationships with your clients once they bought from you. You'll learn as well key components such as the importance of follow ups, referrals and client retention.

Bonus Session : Tips & Strategies

Get additional secret weapon tips on how to close your sale. I'll give you powerful creative techniques that will make inevitably the close as a natural successful step of your sales process.

Here's a small glimpse at what you'll learn:


Try "The Roadmap to Effective Sales Conversation" for a full 14 days and if you're not completely satisfied in any way or you don't see how you can easily earn back your full investment and MORE then send me an email and I'll promptly refund your full payment. No questions asked. - Hasnaa