What is this course about and what are the benefits?

You will discover in this video what this course is about, what you will learn as well as the main benefits of taking the course.

Key reminders:

  • This course is a training that teaches you, step-by-step, everything you need to know from the moment you meet your prospect until the moment they say yes !
  • What you will learn:
  1. A conversational process with 7 key steps
  2. A holistic approach to your sales conversation
  3. Human psychology at the core of what I will teach you about sales
  • Course benefits:
  1. Increasing your sales confidence
  2. Getting more clients by closing faster and easier 
  3. Experiencing more fun and joy during your sales conversations
  4. Coping more efficiently with fears and emotional triggers when they arise in sales calls
  5. Building more trust and authentic heart-felt connection with your clients 
  6. Shifting your mindset about selling and learning to view sales as a true act of love, service and contribution

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