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Welcome! I am so happy you are here...

My name is Hasnaa. My mission is to inspire, teach and motivate you to convert your inherent talent into the sales expert you are destined to become.

I help high ticket closers, inbound sales teams, coaches, consultants and service-based business owners, master sales conversations by teaching them a step-by-step holistic communication process so that they can close more deals without feeling overwhelmed, salesy, pushy or slimy in any way!

After spending the last 20 years worldwide in Marketing and Sales, I came to the conclusion that there is one universal truth :

"A customer needs to be seen, heard and deeply cared about".

My signature training program "The Roadmap to Effective Sales Conversation" is the result of this deep inner conviction...

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Hasnaa Bourouis

Certified Coach - Sales Trainer - Sales Recording Analyst

Founder @The Sales Talk

My Educational Background

I graduated in 2005, from ESCP-EAP in Paris (European school of management). I hold a Masters Degree with a Major in International Marketing. In France, ESCP is one of the most selective French Grandes écoles and referred to as one of the top 3 elite business schools.

My Journey in Sales

My first sales experience was as a Retail Sales Advisor in 2001 at Christian Dior Men’s Fashion store in Paris. Although I had good potential in connecting with clients, I can remember how terrified I was to approach and talk to clients in the store. Then the first years of my career were Marketing jobs in Paris and New York for LVMH, L’Oreal, Bourjois-Chanel Group, and former Pinault-Printemps-Redoute Luxury Group.

I discovered though quickly, more than any marketing task I was doing, that my talent and joy came from those simple yet deep moments when I was engaging directly with clients. Whatever I was selling or presenting, I noticed I was able to build a very strong connection and great level of trust with my prospects, which led me, most of the time, to sell effortlessly to them. I started closing an average of 1 Million Dollar deals per year for a client in the event entertainment industry. My confidence, fascination and passion for sales grew tremendously from there.

For the last decade, I pursued my journey focusing on sales consultancy, coaching teams on “sales techniques” and handling freelance sales projects. I sold products/services to private and corporate clients in USA, Africa, Middle East, Europe & Asia. I also travelled to sell my own bags collections to stores or in private events. I dealt with numerous cultures, customer profiles and industries (Fashion & Jewerly, High-End Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Villa Management, Event Planning, Homeware, Travel Industry, Design, Hospitality, High-ticket Coaching).

For the last year, I have been focusing on the field of high-ticket coaching business as a sales mindset coach, sales trainer and high ticket closer.

After spending the last 20 years worldwide in Marketing and Sales, I came to the conclusion that there is ONE UNIVERSAL TRUTH to succeed in sales : "A customer needs to be seen, heard and deeply cared about".

My Coaching Certifications

I am certified coach as Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I am also trained 3 years as Core Energetics Therapist, a practice that expanded my ability to read and understand energy, grounding and body language. I incorporate these holistic elements to all Body & Mind Sales Trainings I provide.

I discovered Personal Development in 2011 by attending my first Non-Violent Communication (NVC) workshop. That was the beginning for me of a beautiful humbling journey of self-discovery. Many more workshops followed from there, until today, on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Intuitive Development, Core Energetics, Transcendental Meditation, Breathwork and other Consciousness work.

Growing my self-awareness leads me to know better who I really am, my values, beliefs and the purpose I wish to pursue. I expanded greatly my capacity of truly seeing "others” for who they are from a place of love, compassion and empathy. A deep understanding that I share with my students during Sales Trainings.

A Bit of My Personal Life

I am Moroccan French. A mum of 2 gorgeous daughters. I live in Bali since 9 years. I speak English, French, Arabic and Indonesian. I love contemplating nature, studying spirituality, human behaviour & the psychology of sales and ... Simply enjoying the beauty of life!

What I think...

I believe in love, human kindness and compassion as great powers to serve humanity. I believe vulnerability, as a way to show up and be seen, is our greatest measure of courage.