I believe sales can be a very admirable thing to do when you have the humility to serve genuinely your clients, help improve their company or their life and care enough to create value for them. THE SALES TALK TRAINING GROUP trains on how to shift the sales mindset to a mentality of service.

My passion is focused on teaching you how to create trust and human connection by approaching each prospect with the idea of helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service. That is what THE SALES TALK brand is about at its core. And this is what I am committed to teach you.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Hasnaa Bourouis

Certified Sales Conversations Coach - Inbound Sales Trainer - Founder @The Sales Talk

Here is a small glimpse of what you'll learn:

As a coach, consultant, a high ticket closer, an inbound sales team member or service-based expert, when it comes to getting ahead with your sales conversations, one of the most important skills you can have is OBJECTION HANDLING. This is one of the most crucial aspects to convert prospects into paying clients on a regular basis.

But so many coaches, consultants, high ticket closers, inbound sales teams and service-based experts don’t know how to handle objections during sales conversations the RIGHT way. That’s why this Sales Masterclass shows you how to deal confidently with objections when they arise, and how to handle them as a PRO so that your discovery sales calls become an enjoyable moment where you get effortlessly your prospects to say YES!

You will learn:

  • You'll discover the main common types of objections so that you do not get triggered when they arise.
  • You'll learn how to transform an objection into an opportunity of a sale by using a proven 4 steps system.
  • Prospects may express all kinds of reasons why they can not sign up for your service because of the lack of budget or affordability of your offer. You will discover various tips that will help you tackle money objections with your clients.
  • Handling objections becomes easy and a natural step towards closing your deal.


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